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We want to share with you the unique beauty of the Big Island of Hawaii. It is a place of wild unblemished nature. It is the largest of the islands yet, it is one of the least populated of the Hawaiian islands. Hawaii County offers  large cities featuring major shopping centers and restaurants. Also boasting many world class resorts, activities, water sports and some of the best Marlin fishing in the world. We truly love the island and its people.

Kona Coffee

We believe one of the best things Hawaii offers is Kona Coffee. This is a unique coffee produced only in this  limited area of the Big Island During our time there, we came to appreciate the rich flavor and aroma of Premium Kona Coffee. As well as, the effort involved to produce it.

We think you will enjoy it, also.

Please check out some of the products below that we recommend.

Wayne & Sharon

100% Kona Coffee
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  1. hawaii is a place I really want to visit purely for what you have just described. It’s beauty is something that really has to be explored.

    I did not know they had their own blend of coffee which had me very intrigued. I get the feeling kuna coffee is one that really needs to be sampled! 

    Do they ship globally as I would really like to buy some. 

    1. Darren,

      Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit. We lived there for about 1 year. Kona coffee is the best in the world. You need to try it. Please let me know your thoughts after you do.

      Kona coffee is available for shipment around the world. We have a link on our homepage to The KOA COFFEE Company. This is the distributor we recommend. Just click on the link and it will take you directly to their website to place your order. Right now they have a special on shipping for only $7.00

      Thanks for your comments!

      Wayne & Sharon

  2. waooh!!! honestly i have heard so many pleasurable things about Hawaii some years back. I knew some of my friends do make mention of it as one of the outstanding resorts in whole wide world but I never new that was just a tip of an ice berg..I do love a country with her own natural uniqueness. Hawaii has come with her uniqueness of kona coffee ..I do love coffee but I think I will need to plan my next resort in Hawaii to a wonderful taste of kona

    1. bigbux1,

      You will love the island. If you need any pointers about activities just ask. We are very familiar with the Big Island. But don’t wait to travel there  to try the Kona Coffee. Just click on the KOA COFFEE link on our home page and order some shipped to your home.

      Thanks for the comment

      Wayne & Sharon

  3. Hello Wayne and Sharon, 

    I want to know Hawaii, I am a lover of sport fishing and can catch the great merlin. 

    I consider the Hawaiian Islands as a paradise with many restaurants and shopping centers to visit. 

    I would also love to try the Kona coffee produced in the islands, a natural product made with great effort. 

    Thank you very much for sharing! 

    Regards! Claudio

    1. Claudio,

      Hawaii has some of the best Marlin fishing in the world. Lost of big ones out there.

      Kona Coffee is the best. But you don’t have to wait to go there. You can order it by clicking on the KOA COFFEE tab on our home page. You will love it.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Wayne & Sharon

  4. Hi, Wayne & Sharon

    I completely agree that Kona is a great tasting coffee.  I came across Kona coffee many, many years ago, I bought a small bag of the medium blend to try out, because I am a huge coffee drinker, and I’ve been drinking Kona coffee ever since.  As a heavy coffee drinker I have to have the best coffee of course and I recommend anyone who drinks coffee to try the Kona medium blend, because it tastes really good. 


    1. Dora,

      We have enjoyed it over the years as well. We were first introduced to Kona Coffee on our first trip to the Big Island. We toured several of the coffee producers while there. It is THE BEST!

      Thanks for the comment!

      Wayne & Sharon

  5. I love the Big island and all of the diverse climates. I remember spending Christmas of 2015 with my wife and daughters there and thinking that no other vacation could compare to that time. We did Tours of the Kona coffee farms and I was enthralled by the difference in Kona coffee comparative to what we typically buy here on the mainland. Wow what an experience! Thanks Wayne for offering this channel in offering true Kona coffee to us mainlanders. I’m sure we’ll be back soon!

    1. Jeff,
      Once you’ve visited Hawaii it becomes a part of you. Most every day I think about about our time there. I also look forward to returning to paradise.
      Meanwhile Kona Coffee Helps keep the memories alive.

      Wayne & Sharon

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