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We have been blessed to travel to the islands of Hawaii many times.

The state of Hawaii is made up of several islands. It has been our privilege to  visit all the major islands of the Hawaiian chain. During our many trips to Hawaii, we came to appreciate the differences of each island.

Recently, we spent an entire year on the Big Island.

Each Island is Unique.

Oahu is a bustling island and the State Capital. Waikiki, Diamond Head and the North Shore are some of its well-known attractions.

Maui is known as the Valley Isle. It is a tourist hot spot with a laid back feel. Peaceful beaches, luxury resorts and ocean sports are well-known here. Haleakala, a dormant volcanic crater is a wonderful place to view a morning sunrise. In the winter months Whale watching from the shoreline is a common activity. Surfing and Windsurfing are very popular, also.

Kauai, the garden Isle is lush and less hurried. It is known for “Grand Canyon” of the Pacific. For us it seemed to be the most laid back of all the islands. Because of the hurricane Iniki, which hit the island in the early 1990’s, many structures were damaged. Including the chicken coops. Now, there are brightly colored chickens roaming the entire island. We saw many of them wandering the Costco parking lot. They are quite a sight.

The Big Island is well named because it is larger than all the other islands combined. It has the only active volcanoes in Hawaii. Whale watching from the shoreline is also a usual activity, here. It is also famous for its world class Marlin fishing.

And it is known for the world’s finest coffee – Kona Coffee.these beans are grown in a unique climate and volcanic soil on the mountainside of the Kona region. It is only about 3 miles wide by 30 miles long.


We were blessed to spend a year on the Island of Hawaii. During our time there we learned to adapt to a much slower pace of life. At first it was almost maddening. Everything is done on “island time.” But it wasn’t long until we began to really appreciate the lifestyle.

Most afternoons we would go to the beach and watch the humpback whales breaching offshore. They are truly an amazing sight. After giving birth mothers and their calves often seek secluded areas offshore. By the way, a humpback calf can consume as much as 130 gallons of milk a day.

The Humpbacks come from northern latitudes to the islands to winter and to calve and also to mate. It not uncommon to see 6 to 10 males pursuing one female.

I am a scuba diver, so I had plenty of opportunities to explore the reef systems while there. On one occasion, we dove off the beach where the turtles were so thick, it was hard to swim out without them bumping into us. They are amazing and graceful creatures, as well.


Wayne & Sharon
Wayne & Sharon

While on the Big Island, we discovered the Kona region and the amazing coffee grown and harvested there. In all the world it has the most perfect climate to produce coffee. We believe it’s the best in the world. We have enjoyed it since the first time we tasted it. Even though we have returned to the mainland, we still order Premium Kona Coffee to enjoy here.


We want to share with you, this island culture and climate and the coffee grown in this place called paradise.

If you ever need information about Hawaii, it’s Kona Coffee or have any questions about any of the islands, please send us a message and we will be glad to share what we have learned.

All the best,

Wayne and Sharon

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Wayne and Sharon have be blessed to travel to various islands in the State of Hawaii. They have found that each island is unique with geographical and cultural differences. They have three children and seven grandchildren. They enjoy introducing their family and friends to the Hawaii they have come to love.

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